Good Example

Tom Curtis, founder of SOS Events has a heart for the lost. He always uses every situation to hand out a Bible tract or be a witness for The Lord.
Yesterday, we stopped for breakfast at a very crowded restaurant. There was at least a 20 minute wait to get a table.
Tom was coming out of the restroom when he stumbled and almost fell. His color was terrible and one look at him and even the people around could tell something was wrong.
A man came up behind him and would not leave his side until the manager brought a chair for Tom to sit it.
Another employee brought a glass of orange juice when I explained he must be having a low sugar attack.
Feeling really shaky and sick Tom still in the midst of it all, got tracts out of his pocket and made sure the ones that helped got a tract.
The manager of that Cracker Barrel then got us a table immediately so Tom could eat and after he got some food he felt much better.
What an example of a man that loves The Lord so much and has a burden for the lost.

John 13:15
For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.

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