Two Salvations

SOS Events is blessed to have many people donate items to the ministry. Every gift is appreciated. Sometimes there are things we cannot use or those things get replaced by newer items.
Then our storage shed gets cluttered and overcrowded.
Not to far from our property is a Hispanic family who sell used items. Tom stopped to see them and offered all of our accumulated items to them if they would come and get them.
A few minutes later a truck pulled into the yard and 2 men got out. They had come to get the things we were giving to them.
Along with some printers, phones, monitors and other items was a vinyl cutting machine. Carlos asked, “What does that machine do?”
On a shelf were some signs that had been made using the machine and I took one down to show him.
He was amazed. “It’s Spanish,” he said.
While he and his cousin loaded the rest of the items, I quickly went into the office to get 2 Spanish tracts to give to the men.
When they were given the tracts, both started to read them. Tom and I explained the 3 Things God Can Not Do, and both Carlos and Antonio prayed and ask Jesus into their hearts.
We then got their full names, addresses and they will be sent Bible studies in Spanish so they can grow in The Lord.
We try to witness every opportunity that God gives us and God gives the increase. It’s a joy to be a witness.

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