Nothing is impossible

Have you ever lost something of value and are unable to find it?
Yesterday, Tom lost his IPad. This is extremely important as he keeps all his notes, calendar and information he needs for the ministry.
However, after hours of searching all through the house, offices and yard (in the dark), we were not successful.
When we woke this morning we had our devotions, reading God’s word and praying.
We came to this verse, Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”
Then we prayed, quoted this verse to The Father, asking Him to give us the eyes and wisdom to find the IPad, and thanking Him for the answer.
Tom went outside to get the golf cart he needs to get around the property, and there was the IPad on top of a generator we have in the carport.
God is good, He answers prayer. Tom came in and we once again thanked God for hearing and answering when we call on Him.

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