James Dean Days with the Riegels

96 Decisions at James Dean Days

Another successful year at James Dean Days in Fairmount, IN. Don and Shirley Riegel joined Tom and Carolyn Curtis for this event. John Shultz, brought a new group from his church to be trained and a total of 16 new workers are now ready to continue winning souls in Indiana.

3 churches participated, Liberty, Sweetser, New Hope, Gas City and Twin Cities, Marion.

Two young men came to the booth who had been saved in previous years. One pulled out a tract dated September, 2008! It was so tattered from being in his wallet for 4 years that it was falling apart. He was given a new one just like it and told to put the original in a special place as a reminder of when he got saved.

The second young man saw Shirley and came over to thank her for leading him to the Lord last year. He is following the Lord and in a good church.Shirley Riegel and young man she lead to Lord in 2011

SOS is blessed to have new salvations and then to have some come back and thank us for being at the event.

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