SOS Moving Forward in 2012

The staff at SOS has been busy as usual. There were 2 trainings during the Christmas Holidays with a total of 6 new trainers. These new people have alrady been working and scheduling events for 2012.
During Christmas week there was a call from a lady who has worked in the booth at Strawberry festival in the past and she said that the Lord impressed on her heart to volunteer one or two days in the office every week. Alice has worked for 2 days since the new year and SOS staff is excited to have this new staff member on board. She has also been scheduled to work several events.
Trainings for the Plant City, FL Strawberry Festival have been scheduled and a car show in Dover, FL will take place on January 28th. Pray with us for souls at the car show and Strawberry Festival.
SOS is always looking for volunteers for work on the property, soul winners for events and new trainers in every state in the USA. If the Lord lays SOS on your heart plesas contact us, via email, phone call or letter.

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