RV problems

This week Tom and Carolyn Curtis were getting ready to go to a church, about 200 miles away, to participate in a soul winning event. Their motor home, a 1997 class A was running just fine when Tom tested it last week. When he tried to start it to get ready to go, you guessed it. Totally dead.

Called an RV mechanic, who came out in the pouring rain but he could not do the repairs until it gets towed to the shop sometime next week. It is the fuel pump. The whole gas tank has to be removed to replace the pump.

As traveling sometimes only means a one or two night stay, SOS could use a smaller RV. If you know of anyone who has a class B or C they would like to donate to the ministry it would be greatly appreciated and used for the glory of God.

There is a local event this weekend also that several of our trained people will work. Pray for Saturday August 13 that many souls will be saved.

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