Tom and Carolyn back in Florida

Tom and Carolyn Curtis are back “home” again after 6 weeks of travel for the Lord.
Our latest person who came to know the Lord is Paulo. Tom always says that your tests become testimonies and this was a perfect example.
Just insidethe FL. state line is a campground that is convenient to stop at on the way home. After a restful night sleep, Tom decided to check the oil in the motor home. It was down a quart so he took the yellow bottle and proceeded to put it in. Then he looked at the label and discovered it was not engine oil but transmission fluid with stop leak.
He called the company who produced the fluid and they said drain it. We had no way to get into town, a distance of about 5 miles.
Tom called the local auto parts store and the young man closed the store and delivered the oil and new filter to the campgrounds.
This young man was Paulo and of course Tom asked him if he knew the “3 Things God Can Not Do” Paulo said, “No.”
Tom then invited Paulo to call on the name of the Lord and Paulo was wonderfully converted. He said he was going to church on Sunday and tell the Pastor that he had accepted Christ.
The test did become a testimony. Thank you Lord for the opportunities to lead people to Yourself.

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