Two Delivery men saved at SOS office

God is so good. SOS has received several Christmas offerings this year and with these extra funds we were able to purchase a much needed used storage shed. Thank you to all our faithful supporters and those of you who gave extra in these difficult financial times.
We hired 2 men to deliver and set up the shed. Tom asked if he could help and they said “No.” They skillfully placed and secured the shed for immediate use.
After they completed the job, Tom invited them into the office. He asked them if they knew the “3 Things God Can Not Do.” They did not know but said they would like to know what the 3 Things were.
Tom set a presentation board on the table and proceeded with the explaination of the “3 Things God Can Not Do”. Then he pointed to the sign on the wall, “Are you 50, 75, or 100% sure if you died right now you would go to heaven?”
Their answer was “We don’t know.”
Tom Asked, “Would you like to know for sure?”
The plan of salvation was explained and received and now there is two new Christians born into the family of God.
God will bring the lost to you if you ask and are prepared.

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