Strawberry Festival 2008



240 Decisions


2008 Strawberry Festival is now completed.

240 people made decisions for Christ. We are so thankful for each person. The oldest was a lady 88 years old and the youngest was 6.

One exciting thing happened with two young boys who came in the booth to be saved. As Tom was filling out the card (we get name, address, age, phone # and a short testimony from each person who makes a decision) the 2 boys came back, each one holding the arm of their mother. One of the boys actually pushed his mother into a chair so Tom could tell her and their father how to get to Heaven. Both Mom & Dad received Christ and what a joyful time that was for this family of 4.

Ten churches participated in the 11 day event. 74 Christians who were trained by




staff led their very first soul to the Lord. The Pastor of one of the churches made the comment that he was so happy for the 43 souls saved the day his church worked, but even more important, he saw many of his church members win people to the Lord for the 1st time. Now that his people know how to witness they will continue to see many souls saved every week.

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