Riegel’s Report


We have just returned from a fantastic trip to teach churches in Minnesota and Montana the 3 Things God Can Not Do.

The drive through the Western states was BEAUTIFUL…flat plains of grazing animals and hearty sugar beets, wheat and corn, and desolate areas with interesting tall sandy hills and rocky mountains in the background, ranch and farm houses surrounded by trees for protection from the strong winds…we even saw a small herd of buffalo.

Our first time being all on our own was a little frightening, but our awesome God took all the nervous anticipation away as we explained the presentation and fun that the participants would be experiencing at their event…. in Rushmore, MN a 4 day “Rushford Days” celebration and in Sidney, MT a 4 day county fair. Rushford is a village of 1700 population where we saw 75 decisions to trust Christ. Sidney has over 4000 population. We saw over 100 decisions to trust Christ with at least one person leading her first person(s) (brother and sister) to Christ.

We have a policy that children must get their parents’ permission before we proceed with the child in the salvation portion. A young boy wasn’t sure he would go to heaven but wanted to be. We told him to get his parents. We asked the parents if they were sure that they would go to heaven. They weren’t but wanted to be. Dad, Mom and son prayed to receive Christ. We got their names and addresses (as we do with everyone) so that the church could be able to follow up with them to disciple them.

Don was presenting the “Three Things” to a young man. Don asked, “Do you love God?” Jon said, “I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God.” Don continued and finished with “Now are you 50%, 75 or 100% sure that you will go to heaven?” Jon said, “I’m 100% sure……that I’ll go to hell”. Don asked, “Is that what you want?” Jon answered, “No!” Don asked, “Can I pray for you?” Jon: ”Yes!” We prayed. Pastor Paul is arranging to have a  pastor in Bozeman (MT) follow up with Jon. This is how it works. PTL!!!!!

The churches had good turnouts for the training and good participation at the events. It was heart warming and exciting for us to see them grow from timid learners to enthusiastic presenters of the 3 Things at the events. It was especially thrilling for the soul winners at the events to see people come to the Lord for the first time, or to have assurance that they would go to Heaven one day.

It was hard to leave these dear people who had been so kind and generous to us. We praise the Lord for safe travel and good stops on the way.

Serving Our Savior,

Don and Shirley Riegel

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