God is Faithful

On Saturday two of SOS Events workers set up a booth at a yard sale hosted by the Faith Riders (a Christian motorcycle group) in Plant City. It was an event that was not on the calendar but the opportunity came up unexpectedly. At first things did not go well. The canopy was set up only to discover that whoever used it last did not put the canvas cover in the bag with the frame. So there was no shelter for the workers or the people who came by to hear the gospel. Flexibility is the key to ministry, being resourceful, the tables and displays were set up on the parking lot.

The event was not busy and for several hours no one stopped by the SOS Events display except a few Christians that had come to the yard sale. What to do? Quit and go home or stay until the event was over. God loves His servants to continue so the decision was made to stay. Praying for souls and being faithful, God saw the desire to please Him and sent eight people over to be saved. God is faithful and rewards our efforts when we do not give up. 

1 Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

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