Testimony Using the “New” Picture Frame Board

My husband and I were packed and ready for our vacation. He felt he should call his brother before we left. After he hung up the phone he told me that something was not right. He didn’t sound well. We decided to drive to his house and visit him.

He lived alone for years and we had not seen him in over a week. When we arrived we could not find him immediately. He was in the upstairs bedroom and looked close to death. He had not eaten or had any water in four days. The ambulance was called and the doctor at the hospital told us that his kidneys had shut down. They believe his dementia was the cause of his not consuming food or water.

Before the ambulance arrived I spoke with my brother in law about eternity. I explained the three things that God cannot do. I asked him if he wanted to be 100% certain he was going to heaven. He said he did not.

A week in the hospital saw his rapid recovery. Even the doctors were amazed considering his age of 81. Throughout his hospital stay, onto rehab and finally admission to assisted living, I asked him if he would like to receive Christ using the “3 things” tract. The answer continued to be “no”.

Well,I did my part right? We are supposed to tell. I did. Multiple times. I could not give up though. I love my brother in law. I decided to use the picture frame size “3 things” board supplied by SOS Ministries. I told him my testimony again and asked if he would like to see something really interesting. He agreed. After going through the “3 things” board and asking how sure he was he was going to heaven, he said no one can be sure. I explained that he could be and asked if he wanted to be sure. This time the answer was YES!

On Thursday, January 16 at 6:15 PM, the angels in heaven rejoiced as my brother in law asked Jesus forgiveness and had his name written in the book of life. I believe the use of the “3 things” picture frame board as a visual was the key to his understanding of the simple gospel message. I was able to carry it in my purse into the facility and use it easily. Without that tool, prayer, and my heart burdened for him, I think his destination would not be where it is today.

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Email received from a committed soul winner.


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