Young man saved at Sears

Shopping can be an event. Tom needed a new jacket. Tom & Carolyn headed to Sears. Finished with their shopping on the way out, 2 young men, employees on their break, were sitting on the riding lawn mowers out front. Tom stopped and told the young men they could improve the store by putting up a sign that said Jesus saves. One of the men, Fritz, replied, “I don’t think they would let us do that.” Then Tom said, “Have you ever seen the 3 things God can not do?” “I didn’t think there was anything God can not do,” Fritz answered. Tom went on to tell them what the 3 things were. Then, Tom proceeded with the plan of salvation. “Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure if you died right now you would go to heaven?”, Tom asked. Fritz was sure, the other, Jay, did not know at all.

In the next few minutes Tom had guided Jay into a personal relationship with God. Jay ask forgiveness of his sins and accepted the Lord as his Savior.

Just as they finished the prayer a couple came up to buy a lawn mower. Jay quickly returned to work to make the sale. Several things became new that day, a new convert, Jay, Fritz, the Christian, encouraged to be a witness, and Tom got his new jacket. Event Evangelism is exciting.

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