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Alabama Salvation Story

May 29, 2014

Interesting salvation story from Patty our SOS Event Leader in Alabama;
This past Saturday at Eastmont’s Yard Sale we had a lady accept Christ into her heart as her Lord and Savior (“Sally”), only to tell us afterwards that her husband is a Muslim!! She was so very excited to have Jesus in her heart and did not exhibit any signs of fear or worry about telling her husband…she even agreed to have us come for a home visit!!!
We Praise The Lord for what He is doing through SOS events. Please pray specifically for “Sally.”

1 Timothy 2:4
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

A Peppermint Story Part 2

March 23, 2013

The rest is history! As we talked about that day at the conference, we had Tom & Carolyn come to central New Jersey, a heavy Catholic community, present their vision and ministry.

Now years later, we keep inviting them to return, even though we have our own team doing what they taught us to do. Since the year we met them, we have had a church team visit them in Florida for a training week. Even though we now have people in our church who do what they have both taught us and modeled, we love having them come by again and again. They always excite us all over again as they often are able to work alongside us, and thereby teaching yet others over the years.

They have come to our church, our school, our community events. They have gone out to dinner with us, and alone at the motel. They have been chauffeured from the airport. They have met people in lobbies. In all kinds of venues they have shown themselves genuine and effective in sharing the Gospel, by engaging lost people by this unique method!

We have seen it work! We have seen people’s curiosity and interest aroused to where they are willing to hear the Gospel and AMAZINGLY respond OVER AND OVER. Over the years, members of our church, at times with them and at times alone, have set up a booth at various “events”. Sometimes the events were sponsored by us and other times they were sponsored by community groups. We have set up a booth and again seen people give their heart to Jesus and profess Christ as their Saviour. We have even seen teens, young people, and adults come back the following year, with a friend in tow, asking if we would tell that friend what we told him or her last year.

We have found Tom & Carolyn HUMBLE servants in deed and conduct, sharing a unique way of engaging people with the Gospel! It has been an AMAZING journey with them and it is no surprise that God’s people at our church always want to fly them up, have them stop by when anywhere close by, and come out to hear what God is doing through SOS ministries.

You have to see it yourself, upfront, up close, and you will be AMAZED on how simple and effective it is!

Pastor Ted Martens, Ph.D.
Pastor Faith Baptist Church
Trenton, NJ

A Peppermint Story Part 1

March 22, 2013

Pastor’s Testimony

It was years ago when I attending our Association’s Annual Baptist Conference. I had stepped out just before the service began, wanting to find some peppermints before the evening service began in the main auditorium.

I knew that most of the booths had a bowl or two of candy and mints for those who came by their booth. “Most booths would be unattended,” I thought. “Everyone was filtering into the evening service. I’ll just grab a handful of mints at the closest table that has them.”

The booth that was the closest, and which I ended up at, was manned by “Carolyn”. I thought I would say a quick hello, a few words of interest, and grab a few peppermints. That is not what really grabbing those peppermints was all about. The story that was to unfold was far greater!

After a few words of interest and response, Carolyn told me that she usually attends these conferences with her husband, Tom, but he was not able to attend because of cardiac medical issues that came up. Nevertheless she came and set up the ministry booth alone! “WOW — that’s commitment”, I thought.

She then shared what their ministry was all about. It was about “Three Things God Cannot Do.” That was the tool that they developed, tuned, used, re-tuned, and now was fine tuned.

They were teaching others, and were looking for churches and people within their churches, who wanted to use this UNIQUE tool for beginning a conversation with the lost, and REMARKABLY leading MANY to Christ.

In that introduction to their ministry, and through that conversation, I was impressed with their desire and devotion to reach others for Christ. “You have to come to New Jersey and present your ministry,” I said. I got back to my seat a little later than I planned. I just wanted a few mints. My wife asked, “What took so long?” “I ended up talking to “Carolyn” — remarkable!

Rev. Bradley Shares

November 21, 2009

  The Pastor from Mount Holly, NC shares his thoughts on the SOS Events ministry message and invitation to salvation.  If you have an upcoming event in your area, or seek an easy-to-learn evangelism training for your congregation or youth group, please call SOS Events to arrange for evangelism training.  SOS Event workers will come to you, or a Youth Camp program in Florida is available. 

Report from Sweetser, Indiana

October 6, 2009

Pastor Bishir in Indiana writes in his blog posting “Monday Report” on September 28th, “The last several days for me have been filled with some good things. On Friday I went to help with our James Dean Festival Outreach. We got there about 11 a.m. and spent the entire day until about 8 p.m. working our evangelistic booth. We teamed up with Tom & Carolyn Curtis of SOS Events who are seasoned soul winners and what a great three days of witnessing too and winning of souls for the Lord. On Friday it rained much of the day and the crowds were smaller but by the end of the day we had seen nearly 40 teens and adults give their lives to Christ. Each sincerely repented and prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. Last night in church we were given the final count of those who received the Lord. It was reported that 167 people had come to know the Lord. Praise the Lord! What great stories behind each conversion. I will take some time this week and share some of these beautiful stories. But not only were people saved but more were witnessed to and the seed was sown and for many others the seed was fertilized. Thank the Lord His seed will never go return void.”

A Pastor writes

July 23, 2009

“It was such a blessing to see God work through the ministry that S.O.S provided! We shared the gospel with 181 people in only 13 hours…The Lord saved 13 of those people….We will continue to use this ministry in the future! Thank you so much!”

Double Blessing of Sharing – A Testimonial

December 14, 2008

Don Riegel sent in this testimonial he received from the pastor of the Wyandotte church event in July. 

“many people in our church family found SOS’s evangelism training very user-friendly and practical! For example, after watching Don lead her eleven year old niece to the Lord, one gal, although in her late 40’s, and still unable to read, miraculously, with the help of a friend, managed not only to comprehend all the SOS materials but better still, go on to use what she learned to share the message of salvation. Subsequently, she signed up for a course in English and is now well on her way to learning how to read. Recently, when asked what her take away was from SOS ministries, she remarked, `thanks to SOS ministries my spiritual life has developed more this past year [2008] than the last twenty combined!’

Trip to S.E. Ohio……….8/21/08 – 9/2/08

October 1, 2008

by Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell


God is really working in S.E. Ohio, and we were Blessed to join Him there for a couple of weeks in June and August of 2008.

The weeks in June were spent mostly just trying to establish contacts with churches, but we did make a couple of presentations and also set up at our Family Reunion……1 teenager was led to the Lord….the first soul saved at the reunion in 23 years!! PTL!


We went back in August to make further contacts…..the following is the report of this trip:

8/24 Attended Christ Community Church in Athens…..SS. and worship….spoke with Pastor about ministry.


8/24 Evening worship at small mission church in The Plains…..New young Pastor, Tim Coleman….made quick presentation after service to about 12….He was excited……

SOS to return to do training for future event.


8/25 Met with Missionary from Scioto Valley, Bill Wellman. He had invited several area Pastors…….one, Craig Brumbaugh attended from small country church in Hamden, OH……Gave presentation of “The Three Things God Cannot Do”, Both were excited. Craig requested training for his church…….set up for Oct.8……Don and Shirley Riegel agreed to travel down to S.E. Ohio to do the training at this church. Bill Wellman had lots of ideas where we could use SOS. He also said he would like make more contacts for SOS.


8/25 pm Met with Retired, former Scioto Valley Missionary, Cliff Coleman……gave him presentation and showed DVD. Very excited.


8/26 7:00pm Safe Harbor  Church…….Pastor Herman and Donald Shupe…… training for Bean Dinner Event to be held Oct. 4. They will train other workers from their church….. Riegels to travel down and oversee the Event.


8/27 1:00pm Appointment with Pastor Cliff Curry at Good News Baptist Church, Galipolis, OH. He had invited several others to attend. We showed DVD and made presentation. They were excited about “The Three Things God Cannot Do” and wanted to use is at a scheduled Fall Event they had coming up on September 20th. We trained three. Don and Shirley    agreed to come down and help with the Event. Pastor Cliff said that the three of them would practice several more times and gradually invite others to join them so they would have a nice group to work the Event with Don and Shirley…….PT


8/31 Attended morning SS and Worship at Rolling Hills Church, Athens. Pastor invited us to make presentation after service. About 12 people stayed……Will set up training at later date.

8/31 pm. Back to The Plains to present and train about 12 at the little Baptist Mission…..The church will hold an Event on Oct. 4th in the morning…….Don and Shirley have agreed to help with this Event before going in the evening to help with the Bean Dinner at Safe Harbor  Church.


Thank you for your prayers and support of these churches and our ministry. Please keep Don and Shirley Riegel in prayer as they prepare for and travel two times to S.E. Ohio to help these little churches with training and Events.

In His Service,……..Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell.

From The Heart

August 26, 2008

The month of June and July have been very successful for Carolyn and me as we have traveled through many states setting up new events and updating some of our supporting churches. We went to 2 churches in North Florida and renewed friendships as well as made some new contacts. Three men were saved in a gas station as we were pumping gas. On to the Atlanta area where we had a lot of motor home problems. Flat tires, generator that would not work and so it took several days to make all the repairs. As we sat in repair shops we never missed an opportunity to tell whoever would listen the “3 things God Can Not Do.” As we lost several days because of the problems we had to move on quickly.

In PA we prearranged to meet Pastor Martens, who met us and gave us a new print machine that we now can use to design many new displays for soul winning. He personally drove from NJ to make sure we got this wonderful machine. Thank you.

On to OH were we had opportunity to be on the radio program “Daybreak” at WPOS. Jake really promoted SOS and we are thankful for the opportunity.

We stopped at a Wal-mart and a man saw our car which has our phone # on it. He called, brought his 3 adult children into the motor home and they were gloriously saved.

In Indiana we had the privilege of going downtown Marion where in about 3 hours 25 were saved. Several of the Christians that came to help had never led a soul to Christ. The next day I witnessed to an 83 year old man who came to Christ. He thought he was going to Heaven because his wife was there and prayed for him. More later…

Tom Curtis

Montana Pastor sends his report to SOS

August 29, 2007

Final count for the county fair 110. One hundred and five cards were filled out with name, address, age and phone number. One card was representing a family of six who were all saved.

The board of our church said that we should reserve the booth for next year’s County Fair.  This was one of the better things that has taken place in our church in my 8 years here. 

People are more confident in sharing their faith now.  I am convinced more people would enter into spiritual conversations if we would just give them an opportunity to do so. 

The S.O.S. booth at the Fair gives people such an opportunity.  Thank you for all you did to help us become more involved in ministering to our community!

Pastor Paul


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